Asa Sheckles
I am so fucking jealous


Of the people who watched the McFly Wembley concert last night. Unfortunately, I’m not a Pioneer or Citizen, so I wasn’t able to watch online. Argh, this sucks 


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Hey guys!

Thanks to all the cool people of the world who listened to our show on air at XTSR! We played several songs from The Shins….to Rihanna! You request it and we’ll play it!

Make sure to listen to our next LIVE airing in 2 WEEKS…remember, we are college kids and we have spring break…so…

Watching Whip It.. Because it is my favorite movie


The pool scene. Is legit the BEST scene in a movie I have ever seen. I. Love. It. So much. The song. The cinematography. Just everything. It is so perfect


My friends came over for book group the other night. It had been a while since we’d met, due to crappy weather and my persistent case of the plague. None of us could remember what book we were supposed to read, so we ended up just talking.

I still have an unfortunate tendency to cough…


Eirik & Tom - this is at least half of my friends



Oh, Ratfist, you make me laugh.


Oh, Ratfist, you make me laugh.